November 7th, 2014

Thrill-crazed space bug

My word count is pastede on yay

Someone claims to have 'won' NaNoWriMo with 2.5 million words, a feat so fantabulous it apparently requires announcing twice.

Unfortunately, checking out his website reveals that he used a less than conventional technique to reach this count:

In order to compile so many words in such a short time, Leach leaned heavily on the Internet. He generated what he calls a “non-linear literary collage” by mining various blogs, chat rooms and fan fiction sites, grabbing whatever words caught his eye.

“The talk pages of Wikipedia and the reader comments on were my absolute favorites,” he said. “These are my people. I shamelessly plagiarized their words -- even their misspellings and gramatical errors -- at every opportunity, combining the anonymous messages with recycled content from ‘Marienbad My Love’ and entries from my dream journal. I repeatedly cut and pasted and searched and replaced, transforming the various writings into a completely new and unique literary work.”

NaNoers are Not Amused.

Edited to add the best replies from the forums so far:

yukongold: Plagiarizing other peoples' words is not writing. It's plagiarism, pure and simple, contrary to the spirit of Nano.

Not to mention that your pretense is so thick you could stand on it and not worry about sinking for a good three hours.

Sashimisan: Exactly.

I have more respect for someone who struggled to cross the finish line with 50K of their own words than I do for a plagiarist who filled a document with thousands of pages of nonsense.

sniderman: Next year, I plan to do the same thing for my NaNo. I plan to title it "The Stand by Stephen King."

MrHeywire: You, my dear dirtysockface, deserve to have all your clean underwear burned, your washing machine broken and your water cut off. How dare you claim to be an author when not one word was arranged into a sentence by your miserable self this month!
Even without you, those of us who have done this honestly have still surpassed a total 1.5 billion words, so I have no reason to not wish your word count to be retracted from the totals.

Wishing your head to be lovingly placed in a bucket of cement;

Son of edit:

MrHeywire's post is deleted, but oh, the replacement is STELLAR.

marienbadmylove: Hey MrHeywire, your post is one of my favorites to date. A couple of people have wished violence upon me, but you’re the first who actually wanted to see me dead (in a loving way, of course). Still, I liked this post slightly better: “But you are using other people's words. I feel that the point of NaNo is to write in your own words.” Here is my point: They are my own words! I stole them, and now they belong to me. That’s what I do. I’m an auto thief. I knock out the driver’s side window, hot wire the ignition and take off for the local chop shop. I file off the VIN numbers and strip out the valuable parts. I bolt various body panels together into a stylistic abomination. I re-spray the thing vomit green, add insulting graffiti along the fenders and hang a crap-scented air freshener from the rear view mirror (to cover up the stench of the dead body in the trunk). Twenty-eight days later, I drive it to the local car show and park it alongside the other entries. Look, people are throwing rotten tomatoes at it. What fun! How will I top myself for the 2009 NaNoWriMo? Here’s an idea: steal synopsis and excerpt texts from the “Novel Info” sections of this year’s winners. Already a story idea is beginning to form… A guy in a government post, who has an entirely contended existence, abruptly and lacking reason, packs his vomit green automobile with objects such as his nativity record, crap-scented air freshener and a severed head in a bucket of cement and maneuvers away.